Excavation & Site Work Sacramento, CA

We specialize lot preparation, finish grading, trenching for underground and foundations, and rock retaining wall preparation.

Our Excavation Services

Commercial Excavation - Tank Removal

Pictured: Commercial Excvation Work – Pull Commercial Tanks

Our team specializes in Residential and Commercial excavation services throughout Sacramento and most of Northern California. Whether you are looking for underground work or assistance with cutting a pad for a home-site or complete demolition and rebuild, we can help. Monster Demolition has experience in lot and land preparation for custom residential homes throughout Northern California and beyond.

Our experience and services ranges from working in tight locations along with severe and steep terrain and even groundwork that involves working with the county of El Dorado, Placer or Sacramento when it comes to wetland or state park reservations.

Site Work and Land Preparation

Lot Clearing, Site Prep and Home Pad Preparation

Pictured: Lot Clearing, Site Prep and Home Pad Preparation in El Dorado Hills, CA

We have a wealth of knowledge in many areas of residential and commercial land preparation. From general earthmoving and trenching to full sub-divisions, Monster Demolition has the experience you need for your next site-work project.

Our site-work services: 

  • General site-work and land preparation services:
    • Residential real estate
    • Commercial real estate
  • Residentail home pads
  • Commercial sub-divisions
  • Finish grading
  • Road preparation
  • Earthwork services with trained operators:
    • Dozers
    • Graders
    • Scarper
    • Loaders
    • Compaction equipment
    • Skid steers
    • Backhoes
  • County permits and fee evaluation
  • Septic and sewer systems
  • Well and water systems
  • Water relocation engineering

We typically cover all aspects of the land, and not the physicaly building process.

Site work and earth work is generally referred to as the movement and preparation of the soil. This includes your initial pushing and moving of the soil to create flat/level working surface. Once the initial excavation, grading and compaction work is finished which includes your home pad, and main driveway onto the pad. Then the underground work can be performed. Your underground work ranges from septic and sewer systems to well and water systems along with filtration systems and other utilities.

Permits for Excavation Work

Grading & Excavation Contractor Sacramento, CA

Depending on the county you are located in will depend on which grading permits you need to pull, if any. Often times on smaller projects, you may not need to pull a permit. For example, if you are looking for side yard work that can be accomplished with a small backhoe, skid steer or skip loader, then the odds of needing a permit are unlikley. If however, you are looking to cut a driveway on or into a 10 acre parcel, then you may need a permit. Permits are required on larger projects to meet and comply with Storm Water Management Plan, California Fire Safe Standards, your Counties Zoning Ordinance and the California Building Code.

Grading Permits (Roads, Home Pads, Etc.)

You may be elgable for a Grading Permit Exemption. You may be exempt if the grading, excavation or demolition would create a cut or fill that could potentially endanger any structure intended for human or animal occupancy, threaten the stability of any public road, or obstruct any watercourse or drainage conduit.

Well Water Permits

Well water permits are required for the construction, destruction, deepening, and repair of a water well. Although we are not drillers – we have worked directly with drillers in order to follow the California Water Well Standards, Bulletin 74-81 and supplements, developed by the California Department of Water Resources. These standards need to followed in order to meet the building requirements. We have assisted in many well diggings throughout the Northern California area. Often times wells are needed in remote areas and we provide the grading in order to reach that wells desired location. If you are a Licensed Well Drillers or looking for a Licensed Well Drillers, we can help get you to the location you need in order to get your well drilled.

New Sewage Disposal System Approval (Septic Tanks)

The process of adding a septic tank in one of these counties is fairly simple.

First, you apply for a permit. You start with an application that asks questions about the property, home square footage, rooms, zoning, and more information. There is usually an application fee that goes along with the process.

Then you have your percolation test (perc test) by the state / county (El Dorado, Sacramento or Placer). The perc test is to determine the soil composition in order to determine how quickly/efficiently your leach field will drain out into the earth. If your leach field won’t drain – the whole system will back up into your home.

Finally, you either get approved or denied a permit and once the tank is installed, you will have a final inspection will the tank is fully exposed.

Wide Service Area

Real Estate Grading Excavation Sacramento, CA

Monster Demolition provides a wide range of services to an even wider range of clients. We do so in the most professional way. Our clients have depended on us to provide earthmoving, lot clearing, and grading services in the Sacramento County, El Dorado County, Placer County, Roseville, Tahoe, Reno, Redding, San Jose, San Francisco, Oakland and neighboring cities throughout the Northern California areas for the past 3 decades.

Monster Demolition is known for providing 100% customer satisfaction by utilizing Experienced and knowledgeable site managers and engineers. At Monster Demolition we are superior in our field of excavation and earthmoving. We provide the heavy equipment and skilled operators to complete and excavation job including tank excavation, dredging, topsoil, and rock removal.

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